Receive the Rites of the Munay-Ki

The Rites of the Munay-Ki are a body of 10 initiatory practices and energy transmissions that transform and upgrade your luminous energy field. They connect you to a lineage of healers, wisdomkeepers, earthkeepers and ancestors who have assumed stewardship for all of creation and who can support you in your transformation and healing process.


The rites of the Munay-Ki were brought to the West by Dr. Alberto Villoldo, distilled from his work as a medical anthropologist with the high shamans of the Amazon and Andes. Rites of passage and initiation have been practiced on Earth for thousands of years.


These initiatory practices were bestowed upon us by the elders of the Q’ero nation in Peru, some of the last descendants of the Inka people. Hidden from the world for centuries, as the Q’ero retreated into the high Andes mountains avoiding the colonization of the Spanish conquistadors, the rites of passage or initiation have now been passed to those in the West, in hopes that we may all become stewards of the Earth and stewards of our becoming.


The Munay-Ki give us the energetic power to step into our wholeness, heal from the past, and embody the wisdom and love of Spirit. The Munay-Ki rites of passage teach us about our ability to become powerful creators and teach us about our responsibility to walk in beauty, act in beauty, and think in beauty.


The Munay-Ki remind us that we are able to reconnect with our Spiritual essence, and receive the immense amount of support that is available to us from the Spiritual realms. We are reminded of who are we are, who are becoming and who we are meant to be. We are connected with our destiny and are invited to dream a new world into being.


I am honored to offer the initiatory practices and energetic transmissions of the Munay-Ki to you. The rites of passage may be received over a 10 or 12 week period, where you will be invited to participate in integration homework, as well as traditional ceremonial practices. As we work one on one, you can discover a path to wholeness that will allow you to embody the wisdom of Spirit and create in beauty.


In your journey of receiving the Munay-Ki Initiation, you’ll go through 10 rites of passage:


Healers Rite

Bands of Power

Harmony Rite

Seer’s Rite

Daykeeper’s Rite

Wisdomkeeper’s Rite

Earthkeeper’s Rite

Starkeeper’s Rite

Creator Rite

Rite of the Womb


Scroll down to learn more about each Rite.


If you feel called to embark on your Shamanic journey, please book a free connection call to discuss the next steps.


In Munay,


Jenna Layden 


The Rites of the Munay-Ki

Take this progressive journey of healing and transformation, deepening your connection with the Divine and the Spirit of Mother Earth, with each Rite received.


  • Healer's Rite

  • Harmony Rite

  • Day Keeper's Rite

  • Wisdom Keeper's Rite

  • The Creator's Rite

  • Bands of Power

  • Seer's Rite

  • Earth Keeper's Rite

  • Star Keeper's Rite

  • The Rite of the Womb

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Meet Jenna, Your Guide and Founder of Star Family Wisdom

Hi! I’m Jenna, Founder of Star Family Wisdom and Former Global Vice President at Whole Foods Market!


I'm an old soul and have been a leader of transformation and change for over 15 years, leading teams and individuals to adopt empowering mindsets and achieve their goals. I am a student and teacher of Universal Spirituality, a Master of Manifestation, a Quantum Field Guide, and am particularly passionate about helping humans understand the nature of consciousness, metaphysics, and transpersonal phenomena (including ET experiences!). With a skill for connecting ancient wisdom, new mind-body science and Universal Spiritual teachings, I'm now teaching online courses to help Star Family Wisdom students transform and manifest their dreams! I've had past lives in Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece teaching and preserving this original wisdom. I'm initiated in the traditional Shamanic practices of North and South America, and am so passionate about serving the collective healing and transformation of people and the planet. I'm also a member of the Cherokee Nation in Oklahoma and am so grateful for the wisdom-keepers on Earth who have supported our Spiritual evolution for thousands of years.



Experience Shamanic Practice and Reconnect with Spirit

Hi! I'm Jenna, Founder of Star Family Wisdom! 


I'm so excited that you're here and interested in beginning your journey with Shamanism! Beginning your journey with Shamanism is a process of reconnecting with Spirit, Mother Earth, and yourself. It's a practice of healing, transformation and alchemy; a practice of working with the energies of the Universe and honoring all of life in existence. 


The lineage of Shamans that I have learned from are eager for this medicine, these teachings, this wisdom to reach as many people as possible. The time has come for us to reconnect with our Mother, each other and Co-Create a new world into being!


Shamans exist in a state of oneness with all of life.


Whereas in the Western modern cultures, we have become very separate… separate from each other, separate from nature, separate from God, or our Source (whatever you want to call it)… Shamanic cultures honor the fact that there really is no division between us and God, or our Source. There is no division between our mind, body and spirit. There is no division between the invisible world of energy and the visible world of the physical. There is no division between Heaven and Earth. Once this is understood, we can see that we are powerful creators of our own experience, and can use our conscious for purposeful, positive creations, or the opposite.


Shamans know that all possibilities exist and that it is possible to see into the future to better understand the probable futures we are actively creating. Shamans know that it is possible to reach into the past to heal from a previous trauma. And Shamans know that we are powerful creators of our own experience.


Shamans know that we are constantly dreaming our world into being, and this reality that we are experiencing is a product of an old dream. Our current dream is unsustainable, unhealthy and has led to an ecological and Spiritual crisis of epic proportions on planet Earth.


While the Native American and Indigenous peoples of the world were oppressed over the last thousand years, they maintained a secret, a wisdom, a knowing of what was to come. They saw into the future to know that a time would come when they should share their teachings more broadly, for the sake of the world. And that time has arrived!


You are being called by Spirit to step onto the Shamanic path, to become an Earth Keeper and Wisdom Keeper, and to become the New Human who will lead us into the future.



In Munay (Love),


Jenna Layden

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