• You're excited about the idea of making contact with Star Races
  • You're ready to learn about our history of contact and origins of the Human Race
  • You're ready to face your fears regarding contact with ETs, UFOs, or Aliens
  • You think you might have a connection with the Star Races 
  • You want to learn how to make contact with ETs and view a craft 
  • You want to become a Wisdom Keeper and support the evolution of the Human Race 
  • You're ready to accelerate your Cosmic evolution!



Hi! I'm Jenna, Founder of Star Family Wisdom! 


If you want to get the real story about what is happening with UFOs and ET contact, then you're in the right place!


At the beginning of 2021 I quit my job as Global Vice President at Whole Foods Market to start Star Family Wisdom. 




Because the world needs to know the truth. And I want to share my experiences and years of research with people who are ready to embrace and accept the truth about the UFO and contact phenomenon.


Contact is absolutely happening... across the Globe. Thousands and thousands of humans have been "abducted" or contacted, and mostly for benevolent reasons. 


We have a long history of contact and interaction with the Star Races. In fact, they are our ancestors. And they are my Soul Family. 


We all have souls. And we all belong to "soul groups" when we are in the Spiritual dimensions. We often incarnate with those soul groups when we come into the Physical dimensions (for instance, a lot of your friends and family are probably members of your soul group). However, most of my soul group lives on a Star Ship! 


And a few years ago, I made telepathic contact with them. After years of research and regression therapy, I have confirmed that this contact was indeed with members of my Soul Family (soul group). 


They want us to know that we're all just souls, having this physical life experience together, and there's nothing to be worried or fearful about. 


The Star Races want us to acknowledge and accept the fact that we aren't alone... isn't it wild that for all of these years, we thought we were alone?!


Well, we weren't alone... we were just left to evolve and grow on our own, without interference. And now it's time to remember. 


It's time to remember who we really are, where we come from, and what is possible in this vast beautiful Universe.


You are part of a thriving and flourishing Galactic community, and they're excited to welcome you home. 


Join me in this course as I explore the evidence and information that will help you embrace and connect with the truth and prepare for contact.


Can't wait to see you there!


Jenna Layden

"ET Abduction cases have shown us one thing consistently. The ETs are concerned about the continuity of life, both in some of their civilizations as well as ours. They are aware that we are a present danger to ourselves and other life forms within the Galaxy and they are attempting to shift our consciousness in ways that will allow us to make better choices."


Jenna Layden 

In honor of the Indigenous wisdom-keepers of North and South America, 5% of all revenue is donated to the Native American Rights Fund and Amazon Frontlines.