What To Expect

Chapter 1

Fundamental Tenets of Manifestation

The Universe WANTS to Work for Us

Working with the Quantum Field

Timelines and Connecting to Possible Futures

The Human Energy Field

Chakras as Power Centers


Chapter 2

The Power of the Mind

The Power of the Mind: Your Word is Your Wand

Altered States of Consciousness

Being in a State of Receptivity


Chapter 3

What is a Limiting Belief?

Letting go of Limiting Beliefs

Letting go of Limiting Beliefs Exercise #1

Letting go of Limiting Beliefs Exercise #2

Facing Our Shadow

Creating Boundaries


Chapter 4

Common Misconceptions About Manifestation

The Practice of Manifestation

Mindfulness for Manifestation

Meditation for Manifestation

Practicing Gratitude

Practicing Affirmations

Practicing Affirmations: HOT TIPS!


Chapter 5

Things to Remember When Manifesting

Trusting Yourself: Developing a Relationship with your Intuition

Affirmations for Kindness and Non-Judgement

Becoming a Clear Channel for Your Higher Self

Rituals and Ceremony for Manifestation

FAQs About Manifestation



Appendix 1: The Cycles of Time and Earth's Descent into Dark Ages

Appendix 2: Shadow Work and Healing Resources

Appendix 3: Ways to Support Collective Healing

Appendix 4: Cycles of Life and Nature

Appendix 5: Manifestation Homework



Manifestation Meditation

Moon Cycle Guide

Manifestation Works! Start Today!

Hi! I'm Jenna, Founder of Star Family Wisdom! 


If you want to learn to manifest your best life and experience the magic and abundance of the Universe, then pay attention!


So many people are stuck in an unnecessary cycle of suffering and negativity! Why?! Because we were never taught how the mind works and how to work with the Universe to become a powerful creator.


Most people think life is just happening to them, but you can break that cycle right now! You can take advantage of my years of research and testing to learn how to manifest fast!


I used to be depressed, anxious, and usually overthinking everything. I wasn't at ease, didn't feel totally confident and was mostly living in fear. 


Once I started to understand how the mind works, how the Universe works and how to take control of my reality, the game completely changed.


When you're living in fear and you're anxious, you're not able to consciously work with the Universe to call in the things you want! AND the Universe responds to how we're thinking, feeling and acting!


It's all about the vibes... seriously!


In the last 4 years since I've been putting these practices into action in my life, I became a Global VP at the age of 30, bought my dream home and I just met a pretty great guy... so life is good! 


I've also accessed so much peace and ease in my life, which is worth so much more than any of the material things!


Manifestation is a way of life. And I'm going to teach you about how I live to stay in flow with the Universe and manifest my wildest dreams. And you can do the same!!


In the Masters of Manifestation E-Book, I'm going to teach you:

  • How the Law of Attraction REALLY Works
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  • How to Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind and Banish Limiting Beliefs
  • How to Use Affirmations and Mantras
  • How to Use Ceremonies to Work With the Energies of the Universe
  • How to Become Magnetic for Endless Positive Possibilities

I want you to become the empowered, healed version of yourself that is magnetic for abundance and success!


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Jenna Layden

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In honor of the Indigenous wisdom-keepers of North and South America, 5% of all revenue is donated to the Native American Rights Fund and Amazon Frontlines.