For Your Spiritual and Cosmic Evolution

"ET Abduction cases have shown us one thing consistently. The ETs are concerned about the continuity of life, both in some of their civilizations as well as ours. They are aware that we are a present danger to ourselves and other life forms within the Galaxy and they are attempting to shift our consciousness in ways that will allow us to make better choices."


Jenna Layden

Founder of Star Family Wisdom

UFOs and Preparing for Contact Course

Need Support Understanding or Processing an

ET or Paranormal Experience?


Jenna Layden, Founder of Star Family Wisdom, offers one on one coaching and support for people needing help understanding and integrating their experiences.

Star Family Wisdom stands with the indigenous people of the world.

5% of all revenue is donated to the Native American Rights Fund and Amazon Frontlines, in honor of the Wisdomkeepers of Indigenous Cultures in North and South America.